What does Notting Hill make?

Knobs, Pulls, Bin Pulls (cup pulls), Decorative Tile, Appliance Pulls, Hinge Plates and Furniture Inlays for cabinets & furniture.

How long has Notting Hill been in business? 

Notting Hill was founded in 1996 by owner Kathy Dustman

Where is it made?

While we’ve grown and expanded since our founding, all of our products are still handmade at a foundry here in southeast Wisconsin using the traditional spin-casting method.

What is the hardware made of?

Most of the line is cast in solid fine pewter. Some is cast in solid bronze.

What is so special about Notting Hill?

The detail & craftsmanship.  The designs are like small works of art.  Designs are crafted with jewelry-like detail.  Notting Hill creates special features before anyone else on the market.  Notting Hill offers colorful painting called hand-tinting, enamel colors, semi-precious stones, metal/wood combinations and custom engraved pieces.

Who is our customer?

Homeowners and designers looking for something different than what everyone else is offering.

What finishes are available?

There are many plated & special finishes: Antique Pewter, Antique Brass, Dark Brass, Antique Copper, Satin Nickel, Brite Brass, Brite Nickel, Brilliant Pewter, 24K Gold, Dark Bronze.

Is every design available in every finish?

Refer to the Retail Price List for the available standard finishes.

Are there minimum orders?

No minimums in the standard finishes as shown on the Price List.

What is the lead time for regular orders?

Orders ship in 1-4 weeks. Sometimes orders ship the next day, but since all products are handmade, it depends on inventory.

Is there a guarantee on the hardware?

Yes.  All products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship. We double lacquer all products to protect the finish from typical wear and tear.

Where is Notting Hill currently sold?

We are available through hundreds of online and brick-and-mortar dealers in the US and Canada.