Since 1996, Notting Hill Decorative Hardware has embraced our motto, The Beauty Is In The Details. Our line is designed to bring a sense of art and luxury to your interior.

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware creates high-end hardware for cabinets and furniture. Our artisan line of hardware is handcrafted at a fine arts foundry to produce a distinctive line of knobs, pulls, back plates and appliance pulls.  

From the beginning in 1996, we embraced our motto, “The Beauty Is In The Details.” Our unique designs are cast with intricate relief and hand-finished to highlight the artful motifs. Select pieces are embellished with enamel, hand-painting, crystals, semi-precious stones and even - pearls. Our products are cast of solid fine pewter or solid bronze and then plated with multiple finish options. 

For 20 years, from the original 12 knobs to more than 200 current designs, Notting Hill has embodied the finest in unique period-inspired hardware. Collections range in style from A…to V…Arts & Crafts to Victorian. We also feature Classic, Romantic, Rustic, Tropical, Beach and Eclectic Styles. The common element among all our diverse collections is the timeless, artistic beauty revealed in each and every piece. Since Notting Hill is made in Wisconsin, we can proudly say MADE IN THE USA.

Our tag line: The Beauty is in the Details. The detailed relief and excellent craftsmanship produce a quality that is tangible.  

Our Mission: To exceed customer expectations in terms of style, design and artistic beauty. Our goal is to help customers express their personal style and differentiate their home from everyone else’s with a touch of beauty and luxury. We understand our hardware serves as a personal reflection of our customers. 

We sell:  “Wow" and “I love it”!