Display Boards:

Floral Collection ($140)

River Iris Knob, Pull, Wood Knob; Saratoga Rose Knob, Pull, Wood Knob; Tiger Lily Wood Knob, Florid Leaves Pull, Hibiscus Wood Knob; Florid Leaves Knob, Bin Pull, Hinge Plate Set.

Classic Collection ($150)

Opulent Flower Knob, Pull, & Wood Knob; Classic Weave Knob, Pull & Wood Knobs; Egg & Dart Knob; Saddleworth Pull; Plain Dome Wood Knob; Saddleworth Knob, Bin Pull & Wood Knob.

Olde World Collection ($140)

Renaissance Etch Knob, Renaissance Etch Knob & Back Plate; Regal Crest Wood Knob; Renaissance Knob, Renaissance Pull; Sentinel Key Escutcheon, Chateau Knob, Pull, Wood Knob; Fleur-de-Lis Knob, Pull, Wood Knob. 

Arts & Crafts Collection ($180)

Crane Dance Wood Knob, Pull, Knob; Prairie Tulips Knob, Prairie Pull; Dragonfly Knob, Delaney’s Rose Knob, Pull; Monarchs Knob, Horse Chestnut Wood Knob, Pull, Knob.

Crane Dance Wood Knob, Pull, Knob; Prairie Tulips Knob, Prairie Pull; Dragonfly Knob, Delaney’s Rose Knob, Pull; Monarchs Knob, Horse Chestnut Wood Knob, Pull, Knob.


Leaves Collection ($160)

Ivy with Berries Wood Knob, Ginkgo Leaf Pull, Ivy with Berries Knob, Ginkgo Berry Wood Knob, Ginkgo Leaf Knob, Maple Knob, Leafy Twig Knob, Oak Leaf Knob, Pull, Wood Knob, Bin Pull; Leafy Branch Pulls (L & R)

Great Outdoors Collection ($150)

Rainbow Trout Knob, Pull; Leaping Trout Wood Knob, On the Wing Knob, Bucks on the Run Knob, Lady Golfer Knob, Gentleman Golfer Knob, Wise Owl Wood Knob, Shore Lunch (Bear) Knob, Gray Squirrel Knob (R), Pull; Cones & Boughs Knob, Pull.

All Creatures Collection ($160)

Goliath (Elephant) Knob, Bin Pull; Jungle Patrol Wood Knob, Leap Frog Wood Knob, Rabbits Knob, Rooster Knob, Peacock Lady Knob, Cicada Knob, Pull, Hinge Plate Set; Dragonfly Hinge Plate Set, Pull, Knob.

Jewel Collection ($160)

Victorian Jewel Knobs (2); Victorian Jewel Pull; Jeweled Lily Knob; Jeweled Lily Pull; Jeweled Lily Knob with Jeweled Lily Back Plate; Celtic Jewel Knob; Celtic Isles Knob; Moroccan Jewel Knob; Initial Knob; Celtic Shield Knob; Celtic Isles Pull; Celtic Isles Wood Knob.


Tuscan Collection ($140)

Best Cellar Wood Knob, Pull & Knob; Fruit Bouquet Knob & Pull; Tuscan Bounty Knob; Olive Branch Knob & Pull; Tuscan Bounty Wood Knob; Grapevines Knob, Pull & Wood Knob.

Tropical Collection ($180)

Royal Palm Pull (vertical), 2 Knobs, Royal Palm Pull (horizontal); Macaw Pull (L), Cockatoo Pull (R), Toucan Pull (L), Small Toucan Knob (L); Ship’s Wheel Knob, Seaside Collage Knob, Pull; Guiding Lighthouse Knob. 

Fun In The Kitchen Collection($140)

String Too Short Pull, Plain Pull, Towels Pull, Pots & Pans Pull, Rub A Dub Pull, Glasses Pull, Spices Pull, Butcher Knob, Baker Knob, Candlestick Maker Knob. 

Kitchen Garden Collection  ($180)

Pearly Peapod Pull & Knob; Georgia Peach Knob; Leafy Carrot Knob; Georgia Peach Pull; Autumn Squash Knob; Leafy Carrot Pull; Autumn Squash Pull; Autumn Squash Tile.


English Garden Collection ($160)

Dianthus Knobs (Asst. of 3); Dianthus Pull; Mountain Ash Pull & Knob; McKenna’s Rose Knob & Pull; Chrysanthemum Knob; Poppy Knob & Pull; Chrysanthemum Wood Knob.

King's Road Collection ($140)

Kensington Bin Pull, Knob, Back Plate, Pull; Kensington Knob, Pembridge Back Plate, Queensway Pull, Queensway Knob.

King's Road Collection II ($180)

Pembridge Pull, Pembridge Knob, Queensway Back Plate, Kensington Back Plate, Chelsea Pull, Chelsea Knob; Pembridge Back Plate, Portobello Road Knob, Pull, 3 Griffin Back Plates.

Florid Leaves Collection ($200)

4 different finishes of Florid Leaves Knobs; Ginkgo Wood Knob, Florid Leaves Pull, Florid Leaves Large Pull, Bin Pull, Florid Leaves Appliance Pull.

Display program details:

Display boards are only available for traditional storefront showrooms offering cabinet hardware and related products.


Complete display consists of 16 attractive mounted boards featuring most current designs of knobs, pulls, bin pulls and hinge plates.

Cost: $1995 + actual shipping charges to your location. The 10 x 13” cherry laminate display boards show an assortment of finishes.


Small display features your choice of 4 or more mounted boards from our 16 pre-designed collections.

Cost: Priced as marked on list + actual shipping charges to your location.


Custom display includes 4 or more mounted boards with your choice of 4 pulls and 8 knobs per board. We will provide a custom template to lay out your selections.

Cost: $600 + actual shipping charges to your location. We will provide a custom template to lay out your selections. 


Display payment must be paid in full upon placement of your order. Display boards are not to be compromised by removing hardware for use as samples. Refunds for displays are given when, and if, you return the display boards to Notting Hill in good condition. Contact us for RGA