Summertime has officially arrived, and with it often comes lots of visitors and guests! Whether you’re just hosting family and longtime friends or you own a rental property that draws summer vacationers, a great way to show hospitality is to get your home ready and make them feel just as “at-home” as you do. Here are a few quick tips to make your guests feel at home this summer and beyond!

  1. Make things easy to find with the Kitchen ID Collection. Whether you have a vacation rental or just want your visitors to be able to help themselves to a cup of coffee, helping people find what they need in the kitchen is a great way to make people feel at home. These customizable Kitchen ID Pulls allow you to elegantly label what’s inside each cabinet or drawer without sacrificing the beauty of your space. Not only does it help keep things organized, but also allows guests to find and replace what they need easily.

2. Tidy up and do a deep clean. You don’t need an elaborate space to host guests - just a cozy, homey one! While it may not be too important to deep clean every time a close friend drops in, guests always appreciate a tidy, calm space. Put away any clutter, run the vacuum, wipe down sinks and showers, put fresh linens on the beds, and pop open the windows to let in some fresh air.

3. Offer a basket of the necessities. Stocking up a pretty basket with a few basic toiletries like toothpaste, new toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, face wipes, hair ties, razors, and basic first aid items is a simple gesture that can be a lifesaver for a guest! You can even save unused travel-size toiletries from hotels to offer your guests. Be sure to also stock bathrooms with extra toilet paper and plenty of towels!

4. Leave a special treat for arrival. If you’re home when your guests arrive, offer them a glass of wine, a cold drink, or a cup of tea. If they’ll be arriving when you’re gone, leave out a bottle of wine, a homemade treat, or a local specialty snack. It’s also a nice touch to ask if they have any food allergies or preferences (such as how they like their coffee) so you can stock up for their arrival. It’s an easy way to show hospitality and signal that their vacation has begun!


5. Post a sign with the Wifi password. A more practical tip: write or print a little card displaying the wifi password in case you’re not around when they try to log on, and so you’re not scrambling to read off 25 digits and letters from the router.

6. Keep a list of favorite local activities. This is especially helpful for AirBnb or VRBO hosts, but even if you’re around when your guests are, it’s always nice to have a list of your favorite restaurants and activities nearby printed in a guest room. For some reason it’s always harder to remember the best spots when it comes time to actually give suggestions, and this way you’ll always have your go-tos handy! As a bonus, you can leave local maps, guidebooks, or local magazines!

7. Remember hospitality is a mindset. Sure, all of these are nice ways to make your guests feel at home, but in the end, what your guests will always remember is how you made them feel. They are there for fun, connection, and adventure and it’s a privilege to help facilitate those amazing memories!

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